Local April 17, 2012 | 11:23 am

Outspoken candidate pledges to scuttle presidential chair

Santo Domingo. – The most outspoken of the presidential candidates last night pledged to focus on education and to radically change the system, including the elimination of the presidential chair, if he wins the May 20 election.

Julian Serulle, candidate of the minority party Frente Amplio (Extended Front) was referring to the chair used by the presidents, dubbed “the seat of pins and needles,” which even accompanies the sitting chief executive to all events nationwide.

“They take that chair everywhere, like a micro emperor complex.”

The lawyer from Santiago noted that other heads of State, including the US’ Barack Obama, “aren’t seen in an imperial chair,” as Dominican leaders do.

Serulle, interviewed by Manuel Jiménez and Ángel Barriuso on Digital 15, added that a chair isn’t what gives authority to a chief executive, and instead “the response which the president gives his people to solve their problems.”

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