Local April 17, 2012 | 7:35 am

“Tough nosed” Dominican Prosecutor probes alleged Haiti plot

Santo Domingo.- National District prosecutor Yeni Berenice Reynoso yesterday began the investigation into the alleged plot to destabilize Haiti’s government, as revealed by that nation’s Justice Minister Michel Brunache and Dominican par Radhamés Jiménez in a joint press conference last week.

Jiménez ordered the probe after Brunache sent a request for judicial cooperation on Friday, to investigate “the possible Dominican links to a plot against president Michel Martell’s government,” in the country.

The officials of both governments accused retired general Pedro Julio Goico (Pepe Goico), former president and candidate Hipólito Mejia’s security chief, of being the conspiracy’s ringleader, and provided a taped conversation where he urges Haitian businessman Pierre Kanzki to unleash the plot.

Goico hasn’t denied the taped conversation’s content, while Kanzki has called it a “prank.”

In a statement the two officials said the “criminal conspiracy and seditious plot poses a danger to order and the Haitian people’s tranquility.”

After the denunciation, Brunache announced the start of an investigation in Haiti, whose media reported Kanzki’s arrest on Friday.

Reynoso has earned the “tough nosed” label for her aggressive prosecutions during her three-year tenure as Santiago District Prosecutor.

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