Local April 19, 2012 | 8:42 am

Fine on propane gas swindler gives consumers a rare victory

Santo Domingo.- The country’s consumer rights organizations grouped in LIDACON celebrated a rare victory yesterday, when the Administrative Superior Court upheld a RD$1.2 million fine levied by the Consumer Rights Institute (Pro Consumidor) against the propane gas company which swindled customers.

LIDACON president Rafael Peguero said the ruling against Rojo Gas defends consumers’ interests and puts a halt to the voracity suppliers of goods and services, “who’ve always had imposed their will through their economic power.”

He said Tuesday’s ruling by Administrative Superior Court judge Yadira De Moya recognizes consumers’ rights and Pro Consumidor’s legal power to penalize fraud in the sale of cooking gas. “The right to penalize speculators, price gougers and hoarders has been always the main aspiration of the consumers’ representatives.”

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