Local April 23, 2012 | 7:25 pm

Dominican Government’s kudos for David Jessop

LONDON.- The Dominican Government on Monday bestowed the Cristóbal Columbus Heraldic Order on Caribbean Council Executive Director David Jessop, in recognition for his more than 35 years of work to promote the Caribbean’s sugar, bananas, rum and tourism industries.

Ambassador Federico Cuello Camilo, representing president Leonel Fernandez in the ceremony in the Dominican Embassy in London, stated the Caribbean nation’s appreciation for Jessop’s effort. "For the Dominican Republic, as proud a Caribbean nation as the most, David has always been a discreet and highly effective ally, who’s generously opened to us his vast network of academic, commercial and cultural contacts to strengthen British-Dominican bilateral relations." ,

For his part Jessop said he appreciated and was moved by the honor, convinced of the importance of the Spanish speaking Caribbean’s role in its relations with the United Kingdom. “To work with Dominican Republic has always been comforting, because it’s an open country, with amiable people and aggressive entrepreneurs. This recognition makes me proud and reaffirms my commitment to work together in strengthening bilateral relations of our governments and private sector even more."

Jessop’s decoration, which marks the start of the Dominican Days in London, was followed by a visit the British Foreign Service by a Dominican delegation, and concluded with a business luncheon in the Caledonian Club, with the attendance of 25 industrialists from various areas such as renewable energy, transport, construction and the restoration of monuments.

The delegation of Dominican business leaders included British Chamber of Commerce in Dominican Republic President Marcos Peña; Dominican Days in London Organizing Committee President Roberto Herrera, and Chamber Vice president Luis Ros.

Cuello was also accompanied by London Embassy chief of staff Carolina Castro, and the Advisors Aralís Rodriguez, Johanna Sanchez and Marlen Vásquez.

Jessop, Dominican Today senior Op-Ed columnist for more than five years, pens the weekly column “The View from Europe,” which covers wide ranging topics on the Caribbean’s economies and the region’s relations with the United Kingdom and the British Commonwealth of Nations.

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