Local April 23, 2012 | 4:22 pm

Senator says people linked to opposition candidate plot to kill prominent journalist

Santo Domingo.- Ruling party senator Wilton Guerrero said Monday that international drug traffickers linked to the Presidential Project Hipólito Mejía (PPH) plot to murder investigative journalist Nuria Piera, to jeopardize PLD party presidential candidate Danilo Medina.

“They seek to create a political scandal and with it try to tip the balance against Danilo Medina and Margarita Cedeño, who are currently the electorate’s favorite,” the Peravia Province senator said.

Speaking in his office in the Senate, Guerrero said a reliable source provided the information as they’ve done in other times and have also turned out to be true.

The lawmaker said a Colombian, a Mexican and some Dominicans linked to Mejia’s campaign are involved in a plot to assassinate Piera, and had met in a hotel in the country to plan the action. “Not even the intelligence agencies have the information.”

The legislator pledged to contact the authorities in the next few hours, but didn’t reveal details or the names of those in the alleged plot.

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