Local April 24, 2012 | 2:59 pm

By ending coups, 1965 Revolution worth the fight

Santo Domingo. – Constitutionalist Military Foundation president Andres Fortunato on Tuesday said the 1965 Revolution was worth the fight because no other coup has occurred after that historic deed in the Dominican Republic.

Marking the Revolution’s 47th anniversary by laying a wreath in the National Altar, the former freedom fighter said that the events 1965 proved the need to respect the population’s will of the.

He regrets however that the popular will didn’t reach power in 1965 as the Constitutionalists fought for, because the U.S. military occupation which began in April 28 suspended the Constitution and dashed the possibility of Juan Bosch’s return to office.

Fortunato also went to the National Palace where president Leonel Fernandez headed a reception for dozens of constitutionalists and senior Government officials.

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