Local April 24, 2012 | 4:36 pm

Concerns ease as top telecom vows secure poll results transmission

SANTO DOMINGO. – The presidents Board Central Electoral (JCE), Robert Rosario and of the telecom Claro, Oscar Peña, guarantee the political parties and the population that the electoral results will be transmitted with the strictest security, speed and transparency they deserve.

The announcement comes just hours after several political leaders, including opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía railed against Rosario’s statement that he was concerned with possible “manipulation” of the polling results while the nationwide tallies were being transmitted to the JCE headquarters.

After meeting for more than one hour with Peña and other Claro executives, Rosario said today’s conversation was of extraordinary importance, where all the required measures were taken to guarantee transparent results.

Peña said Claro has the most secure network and is the JCE’s top provider, as well as for nearly all of the country’s financial institutions and more than 90% of the corporatiions. “In this manner we as being the main supplier of JCE, are giving it the support that our clients receive day to day, where hundreds of millions of calls are made and thousands of gigabytes are transmitted without any problem. We place all our infrastructure at the Board’s disposal and guarantee the responsibility levels which we’ve always demonstrated."

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