Local April 27, 2012 | 8:10 am

After Everest sojourn, adventurer hints at Antarctic expedition

Santo Domingo.- Just 11 months after reaching the summit of Mount Everest, Federico Jovine on Friday hinted at organizing an expedition to become the first Dominicans to travel to the mainland of the Antarctic, but didn’t specify whether it would be to reach the South Pole.

He called the as yet defined sojourn “another challenge for the Dominican flag,” after the Everest success, but noted that it would start at year end. "I can tell you that it will be in December and a trekk of 10,000 kilometers."

Interviewed on Telesistema Channel 11, the adventurer also announced a second edition of his book “Soñando el Everest” (Dreaming Everest), on the successful expedition together with Ivan Gomez and Karim Mella.

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