Local April 28, 2012 | 11:05 am

Former police chief defends opposition candidate votes

Santo Domingo.– Former National Police chief Pedro de Jesus Candelier warned Friday that as a political liaison coordinator of presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia, he will defend the votes of the opposition candidate, "no matter who we have to crack down in favor of democracy."

While highlighting his position, Candelier claimed that the ruling party would do anything to snatch the victory from Mejia, such as offering 10 million pesos to a PRD leader in Cotui, who was not identified.

"We know who are the ones who the day before go out to "buy" consciences and votes. I know of several PLD members who have that as their culture and rule, for that defines the ruling party," Candelier said during an interview with the Interactuando program in Cotui.

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