Local May 1, 2012 | 9:49 am

Scandals hurt ruling party candidate the most, DT survey

Santo Domingo.- The latest scandals linking people close to the candidates to the presidency have hurt mostly the ruling PLD party’s Danilo Medina, who’s competing for office against ex president Hipolito Mejia, of the opposition PRD party.

When asked “Which candidate do the latest scandals hurt the most?,” 21,023 Dominican Today readers said, “Danilo Medina, for sure,” or 56.33% of the votes, followed by “Hipolito Mejia, definitely,” with 12,023 of the votes, or 32.22%.

The response “Scandals? You mean the normal BS!,” –drew 2,800 of the votes, or 7.50%, followed by “All of them equally,” with 1,442 of the votes, for 3.86%.

The lowest number of readers, 31, said “No one, it’s all nonsense.” or 0.08% of the 37,319 votes cast in the unscientific weekly poll.

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