Local May 1, 2012 | 7:51 am

Town mourns family of 7 killed in the Bronx, NY

Santo Domingo.- “I can’t believe that God has taken such affectionate and noble people who were loved by everyone here,” said one of the mourners among the friends and neighbors who gathered Sunday for the impromptu wake of the spouses Jacobo Núñez and Ana Julia Martinez, in the community La Jagua of the town Manuel Bueno, of El Pino, Dajabón province.

News source elcaribe.com.do reports that it was the couple’s third visit to the United States, where they died Sunday afternoon together with five other family members in an auto accident in the Bronx, New York.

Dozens of people went to offer condolences and prayers to the modest home at La Jagua, as if a wake but without the bodies of the couple, killed near the Bronx Zoo, together with Maria Josefina Núñez, 40, Maria Codina (Nely), 36, and Yaslin González, Naily Rosario, 9, and Mailyn Rosary, 3.

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