Local May 1, 2012 | 7:28 am

Tweets escalate opposition party’s internal war

Santo Domingo.- The internal battle in Dominican Republic’s major opposition party yesterday escalated into a virtual war when its presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía slammed criticisms on Twitter from Angela Garcia, wife of that party’s president, who called Mejia’s administration (2000 to 2004) a “nightmare.”

“That her husband was Public Works minister for four years… that is a nightmare,” Mejía said in reference to PRD president Miguel Vargas.

Mejia’s statement came during a campaign rally in the impoverished community of Gualey, and stokes the raging battle, in which the statement “Si ganamaos lo sacamos, si perdemos lo matamos (if we win we out them. if we lose we kill them) has surfaced as a threat against Vargas.

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