Local May 2, 2012 | 9:46 am

Colonial Zone car parts theft warning: Watch where you park

Santo Domingo.- The stealing of rearview mirrors, wheel centers, license plates, batteries and the emblems of vehicles have residents and visitors to the Colonial Zone on the brink of desperation, and some have resorted to the most ingenious method to foil the thieves.

The theft of accessories has become so frequent that several people cited by eldia.com.do said one same piece has been robbed as many as four times, losing as much as 16,000 pesos in each case.

They blame the robberies on the “palomos” -youngsters who loiter and breath glue and other drugs- who stake out the area to lift the accessories of autos parked in the various streets virtually at all hours.

Victims scream

“They’ve done everything to me. My car mirrors have been taken four times, all my metal accessories have been stolen and they even broke the rear glass while they were trying to steal it,” said French Rodriguez, who usually parks his vehicle on Espaillat street.

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