Local May 2, 2012 | 5:59 pm

Political party leader demands Electoral Board suspend informatics officials

Santo Domingo.- The conservative minority party FNP on Wednesday demanded Central Electoral Board (JCE) suspend the informatics managers Jose Agustín Lopez Nieto and Kelyn Francisco Peña, for their alleged link to Porfirio Lopez Nieto, head of opposition PRD party presidential candidate Hipólito Mejia’s campaign.

In a press conference, FNP cofounder Vinicio Castillo Semán said Agustín Lopez is Porfirio Lopez Nieto’s first cousin and Kelyn Francisco is his company’s CIO.

He said that both officials of the JCE’s informatics center have been holding meetings in non-work hours, and affirmed that they’ve even admitted it, together with Janio Martinez Bencosme, which he described as tech equipment supplier for the telecom Claro and the JCE.

Castillo revealed that Mejia’s informatics chief was accused by the journalist Juan Bolivar Diaz, the coordinator of the civic movement Citizen Participation, in page 171 of his book “Electoral trauma,” as the main suspect of the electoral fraud conducted by displacing voter rolls prior to the 1994 elections.

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