Local May 3, 2012 | 11:11 am

Ruling party candidate Medina 53.2%, opposition’s Mejia 44.8%, poll

Santo Domingo.- The latest survey by the pollster ASISA found that Dominican Republic’s ruling party candidate Danilo Medina would win the May 20 presidential election with 53.2% of the votes, over opposition rival Hipolito Mejia’s 44.8%.

The ASISA Research Group said the nationwide survey conducted from April 23 to May 1 polled 36,418 eligible voters, for which its margin of error is 0.51% and confidence level of 95%.

“This is a very special survey as the numbers of people polled indicate and the first of its kind since we began in 1988,” ASISA spokesperson Lilian Pagan said in the news conference held in the Hotel El Embajador Thursday morning.


In ASISA’s previous polls starting December 7, Medina had 52.8% to Mejia’s 45%; then on April 3 Medina figured with 53.1%, to Mejía’s 40.5% .

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