Local May 8, 2012 | 12:43 pm

Feared truckers shut down ports, Dominican Government mum

Santo Domingo.- The head of the feared truckers union FENATRADO on Tuesday challenged those who rebuke their 48 hour strike to “speed off to the ports where they’ll find violence” if they so choose.

And though union chief Blas Peralta has reiterated that the walkout is to force the Government to pay RD$300.0 million he says are owed FENATRADO’s truckers, no official has refuted their claim.

It’s very nice to say I’m against strike,’ those who says they oppose the strike should come to work, and the shipping companies who’re talking drivel should come. We’re waiting for them here,” he said, adding that “they’ll find men in these ports.”

Peralta said despite waiting until last night to reach an agreement, no official called them about the alleged debt. “We’re here as the enemy prefers, patience we have, we’re open to a dialogue, but if they want violence we also have that here. Those who are saying they’re going to break up FENATRADO…come over here, we’re waiting for you.”


Industry Association Vice president Circe Almánzar called FENATRADO’s action vandalism, adding that it’s not the time to halt freight transport. “For us this is in fact one more reason we oppose the monopolization of freight transport in our country, the halt to vandalic acts and respect for the open contracting to haul freight.”

Speaking on the radio program Zol FM, Almánzar said the strike means as much as RD$1.8 billion in losses to industries.

“Definitely this strike not only brings about unease to the country, but also major economic losses, yesterday we were calculating around 1.6 to 1.8 billion pesos in losses in two days, specifically regarding freight transport.”

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