Local May 8, 2012 | 7:59 am

Las Terrenas blaze damages at RD$61.0M; Government pledges rebuild

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic.- The damages to the rustic 16 restaurants, bars and tourist shops in the village "Pueblo Pescador" charred by an early Monday blaze which left 250 people jobless was estimated at RD$61.0 million.

The Samaná Hotels and Tourism Companies Association stated its regret for the loss of the traditional wooden houses turned into quaint restaurants and bars, and called it the latest blow to Samaná’s tourism development. It said the situation must be dealt with urgently together and with solidarity.

We’re at the disposal of the government authorities and the private sector to support wherever possible to mitigate the effects of this event which has deeply consternated us all," it said.

In that regard Tourism minister Francisco Javier Garcia announced the site’s total reconstruction.

After inspecting the zone destroyed by the fire reportedly caused by a short-circuit, the official met with the owners of the businesses to discuss the ways to rebuild the Pueblo. "What’s most important is that there were no human losses, we in the Tourism Ministry pledge to rebuild this village as quickly as possible, with the same characteristics…," Garcia said.

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