Local May 8, 2012 | 10:26 am

Top official sees sabotage as rupture cuts water to the capital

Santo Domingo.- A major rupture in the Valdesia dam system will leave as many as 70 percent of Greater Santo Domingo’ residents without piped water staring 8am Tuesday, Aqueducts Utility (CAASD) director Freddy Perez announced Monday night.

He said the time it will take to repair the 67 inch supply tunnel isn’t yet known, which he affirms was damaged by a well driller truck at the gas station PVSA on 27 de Febrero Av., in the subdivision Santo Domingo West.

Perez also called the six failures to the city’s aqueduct during the last few weeks “suspicious” and revealed that he asked the arrest of the owners of drilling trucks on charges of sabotage.

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