Local May 9, 2012 | 10:07 am

DxC party presents candidates to deputies abroad in NYC

NEW YORK.- Minority opposition DxC party presidential candidate Eduardo Estrella on Tuesday presented his organization’s candidates to deputies abroad in New York City and asked the Dominican diaspora’s vote for what he called two men and one woman with protracted careers entirely dedicated to fight for their interests.

Estrella headed a dinner-conference in Upper Manhattan’s Armory hall to introduce Enrique Guillén, Griselda Alvarez and Rey Brenes, who in his view represent the best candidate for the community’s interests.

He said he’s proud of the personnel records of the DxC candidates for deputies abroad. “We can say with pride that we’re well represented by our candidates and in the community, which will know how to evaluate these men and woman so that we have a dignified representation in the National Congress, which more than mine, will be of the DxC and is going to be your representation and of the Dominican people.”

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