Local May 9, 2012 | 7:30 am

Powerful truckers union cuts short “successful” strike

Santo Domingo.- The powerful truckers union Fenatrado Thursday night said it lifted its strike prior to the announced 48 hours on the concerns voiced by various sectors and the major presidential candidates’ call for dialogue, in reference to Danilo Medina and Hipólito Mejía.

In a statement union president Blas Peralta said the walklout was to press payment of the RD$300 million he says the Government owes them

He called the strike a success and said the truck drivers showed civism and discipline nationwide. “Therefore we’re making a call to our affiliates to suspend the strike and resume the freight transport service for their respective clients, for which from now on Fenatrado disavows any incident that groups who aren’t truck drivers could cause.”

No violent incidents

Police spokesman Máximo Báez said no incidents were reported during the walkout.

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