Local May 10, 2012 | 2:11 pm

Big business hails electoral process, refutes opposition’s claim of meddling

Santo Domingo.- The National Business Council (CONEP) on Thursday said it’s satisfied with the way the Central Board Electoral (JCE) conducts the election process and described as a surpassed stage the military’s involvement in the contest, as opposition PRD presidential candidate Hipólito Mejía denounced.

After a meeting of around one hour with the JCE Plenary and a CONEP commission, its president Manuel Diez Cabral said they discussed all the details leading to the process and hailed the work, for which in his view Dominicans should feel proud of the Board’s efficient effort.

The business leader, accompanied by CONEP leaders Rafael Blanco, Circe Almánzar, Francisco Garcia, Rafael Paz and Marisol Vicens, urged the parties to avert violence during the campaign, adding that they don’t see any indication of negative incidents.

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