Local May 10, 2012 | 3:30 pm

Dominican divas jump onto ruling party’s bandwagon

Santo Domingo.- Just 24 hours after the latest major survey gives ruling PLD party presidential candidate Danilo Medina a considerable lead ahead of the May 29 election, a group of 10 Television divas Thursday announced that “they’ll lend their face" to his campaign.

Medina’s project got a boost from former Miss Tourism Nikauly de la Mota and the ex models and current TV hosts Colombia Alcántara, Melissa Guzmán, Ibelka Ulerio, Tatiana Rosario, Carolina Valenzuela, Charmín Diaz, Yelitza Lora and Luz Mariel Quezada.

Among Medina’s other recent showbiz supporters figure the rappers Mindalo MZ·3, Paramba, La Materialista, Secreto, El Famoso Biberon, Joa, La Chuá, Nipo and Tony Mezcla.

Prior to the activity the ruling party candidate met with relatives and close friends of PLD founder the late Juan Bosch, who also pledged their support, Carolina Bosch among them.

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