Local May 10, 2012 | 9:57 am

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Official: Capital’s water supply resumes no earlier than Monday

Santo Domingo.- It will be no sooner than Monday morning when the water service from the Valdesia dam’s aqueduct will be restored, affirmed Santo Domingo Aqueduct (CAASD) director Freddy Perez on Wednesday.

He said a well driller damaged the water main west of the city on 27 de Febrero Av., where the lack of spares forced the contractor to resort to a concrete and rubber patch.

Speaking to the press in the National Palace, Perez said crews have worked for two days to unearth the damaged pipe, whose manufacturer promised to deliver the replacement joint by noon Friday

He said the flow will be opened gradually to prevent an explosion from the accumulated air. “We have the solution. We’re working day and night but we continue to ask the population to save water which we’re supplying with just one pipe and our trucks.”

Perez added that drilling trucks have damaged 16 to 20-inch pipes five times in less than one month.

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