Local May 15, 2012 | 1:42 pm

A happy President cuts ribbon on another overpass

Santo Domingo.- A visibly happy president Leonel Fernandez cut the ribbon Tuesday noon for the overpasses at the sector Manoguayabo, one of several built on the Duarte highway, the last structure of the roadway project called Corridor Duarte.

Public Works minister Victor Diaz said each of the 530-meter long overpass’ six lanes is 3.75 meters wide, and built by the contractors Odebrecht, Ingenieria & Construcciones, and Ingenieria Estrella.

He said the Duarte project, which began July 2009, will be continued to speedup traffic in the Capital and its surroundings, to include overpasses on the corners of 27 de Febrero Av. with La Privada, Guarocuya and Luperon.

Diaz also announced projects to expedite traffic at the corners of 27 de Febrero with Winston Churchill and Maximo Gomez avenues, and en ecological avenue in Santiago.

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