Local May 15, 2012 | 11:37 am

Opposition party woos its estranged leader, just days to polls

Santo Domingo.- The opposition PRD party is making make last minute efforts to attract its estranged president Miguel Vargas back to the fold, just five days to the presidential election.

The effort began in a La Vega rally yesterday when PRD candidate Hipólito Mejía joined Vargas’ siblings Janet and Tony Rivera, who called on his brother to return “body and soul” to the campaign.

The latest push came Tuesday morning when PRD Organization secretary Geanilda Vasquez affirmed that Vargas “has made valuable contributions to the campaign of Hipólito Mejía, and moreover hasn’t incurred in a single action or declaration which detracts any vote.”

She said Vargas “has done what corresponds him, giving the financial resources and conducting a national campaign promoting the vote for number 1 of the electoral ticket,” which features Mejia’s photo.

She said the Holy Bible teaches that people are known by their actions, for which Vargas has defended the party’s interests and has logically been positive for the electoral campaign.

Mejia and Vargas parted ways after the PRD convention last year, when the latter accused the candidate of fraudulent tactics.

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