Local May 16, 2012 | 7:56 am

An “unequal and little democratic” campaign, citizen movement complains

Santo Domingo.- The civic movement Citizen Participation on Tuesday called the electoral campaign “unequal and little democratic” which pushed four of the six presidential tickets out of the contest, which in its view competed at a disadvantage with the two main political forces.

In its Electoral Observation report PC said the campaign is an “unequal competition which left four of the six candidacies with few possibilities of reaching the electorate.”

It said 95 percent of the candidates’ spending in publicity and promotion concentrated mostly between the opposition PRD and ruling PLD parties, though in its view monopolized the investment in publicity, as evidenced by president Leonel Fernandez’s participation in motorcades across the country, accompanied by officials and the use of official vehicles, fuel and per diems paid by taxpayers.

PC added that Fernandez systematically confused inaugural activities with politicking, promising public works not stipulated in the State, such as using the North-South Highway project to his political advantage.

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