Local May 17, 2012 | 10:11 am

Authorities foil mass jailbreak at biggest prison

Santo Domingo. – The Prisons department today hailed the police agent’s quick action to thwart a massive jailbreak by 17 inmates at Najayo penitentiary, where they had carved a hole in their cellblock and concealed it use a mix of plantain and banana pulp.

In a statement, the Prisons authorities said the inmate Jairo Tejeda, Ángel Antonio Reynoso, Freddy Abreu, Adelaido Honijoso, Michael Bautista, Virgilio Pimentel, Iván Santiago Cruz, Víctor Hernandez and Cesar Jiménez made the escape tunnel, through which they had planned their escape last Sunday

It said the inmates Nelson Ogando Lebrón, Nengly Beltre Ogando, José Ureña Batista, Héctor Raulin Díaz, Alexander García, Yeison Ramírez, Feliz Mota and Jonathan Beltrán were also part of the escape plan.

Prisons added that the inmates will be transferred to various correctional facilities across the country on security concerns, and charged in the case to seek even longer terms than their current prison sentences.

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