Local May 17, 2012 | 9:44 am

Country’s bookies reap windfall as election bets flood parlors

Santo Domingo.- The country’s bookies are reaping a windfall as bets on Sunday’s presidential election are still flooding in for ruling PLD party candidate Danilo Medina as the favorite "male" against the underdog "female" Hipólito Mejía, of the opposition PRD.

The country’s biggest chain of betting parlors, Juancito Sport has been “banking" the numbers as the election looms, with Medina’s -160 odds to win from the outset edging up to -220, while a wager for Mejia pays +140.

Quoted by diariolibre.com, Juancito Sport said a RD$1,000 bet for Medina pays RD$1,454 if he wins, while a RD$1,400 wager on Mejía pays RD$2,400.

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