Local May 17, 2012 | 2:09 pm

OAS, Catholic Church slam ex Police Chief’s “cockiness” on vote threat

SANTO DOMINGO.- Organization of American States (OAS) Observers Delegation chief rebuked as intolerable for any democracy that a retired general challenges or threatens to use any mechanism to intimidate or defend the vote of any candidate.

The statement on Friday by Uruguay ex president Tabaré Vasquez refers to retired general Pedro de Jesus Candelier’s warning of resorting to a “well trained and well armed team” to defend the votes for opposition PRD candidate Hipólito Mejía. “That’s not tolerable in a democracy, in any country of the world and this country has laws clearly stating how to proceed and what to do in similar circumstances.”

Vazquez, speaking to the press accompanied by Central Electoral Board president Roberto Rosario, hailed the Dominican people’s civism in the process, and expects the rest of electoral campaign to be peaceful, respectful and tolerant.

The Cardinal

Dominican Republic’s only Catholic cardinal also rebuked the statement by Candelier, who was also the Chief of Police, calling “cockiness” the statement to defend Mejia’s votes by force.

“Some old-time military and police have surfaced with cockiness about using force, if the buying of IDs is bad that’s even worse,” said Nicolas de Jesus Lopez Rodriguez.

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