Local May 18, 2012 | 11:08 am

Dominicans in NYC take election frenzy in stride

NEW YORK.- Without cronyism, I.D.s which can’t be bought or sold, cushy government jobs aren’t available as most don’t need them, no official intimidation and where a box of food can’t buy votes either, Dominicans in New York will decide who’ll be their next president in relative calm.

Unlike their paisanos back home, the barrage of surveys and flowery speeches, the diaspora will go to the various polling places in New York oblivious to the relentless politicking by the parties.

Even so their country’s unfettered passion for politics instills a frenzy and anxiety on its citizens like in no other country, where the weeklong onslaught of rallies and speeches going into Sunday might not subside until late Monday, when everyone knows, and most importantly, trusts the poll results.

In every community, restaurant, warehouse, beauty parlor, travel agency, barber shop, taxi base, dress shop, pizzeria, supermarket and airport the supporters of the opposition PRD, and the ruling PLD parties try to convince anyone within earshot why their candidate will win.

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