Local May 20, 2012 | 8:42 pm

More than half the votes in: Dominican Republic’s ruling party leads

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) issued its fourth bulletin, with 60.26 percent of the votes counted:

PLD 51.40 percent of the votes

PRD 45.78 percent of the votes

FILE. The preliminary results for all major population centers except Santiago show Dominican Republic’s ruling PLD Party candidate Danilo Medina ahead of opposition PRD rival Hipolito Mejia.

In the JCE’s first bulletin: TOTAL: Medina 51.02%; Medina 46.77%

COUNT: 1,258 polling places, 219,000 valid votes counted (3%) PRD 102,000 for 46.77% and for the PLD 111,300, or 51.02%

La Vega, 11 polling places: PLD 1,144 votes (51.30%); PRD 1,060 votes (47.53%).

La Romana, 6 polling places: PLD 753 votes (53.71%); PRD 610 votes (43.51%).

San Cristóbal, 10 polling places: PRD 1,118 votes (44.19%); PLD 1,372 votes (54.23%).

FILE.- Of 254 polling places tallied in the National District, the PLD has 19,429 votes or 53.75%, to 15,347 votes for the PRD or 42.45%.

In Santiago, of 63 polling paces counted, the PRD has 5,917 votes for 51.03%, against 5,226 votes for the PLD or 45,07%.

In Santo Domingo, the country’s highest population, of 73 polling places tallied the PLD has 7,877 votes (52,32%),to 6,802 votes for the PRD (45,18%).

Similar results have been tallied in La Vega and San Pedro.

More details as available…

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