Local May 20, 2012 | 2:18 pm

Rivals disagree on polls tally spread

Santo Domingo.- While Dominican Republic’s opposition PRD party eyes a tight outcome between their candidate Hipolito Mejia and ruling PLD party rival Danilo Medina, most major polls did forecast a spread as high as 9.5 percentage points for the latter.

A PRD delegate in the San Juan Bautista polling place, whose hundreds of voting tables makes it one of the capital’s biggest, relies on his decades of political experience honed since 1962 with the first electoral by the late ex president Juan Bosch, who ironically, founded both parties.

“I’m a politician who thinks with his head, here I’ve seen an even voting,” said Dr. Nelson Cunillera, noting that he can deduct it “by the movement, the expression on people’s faces.”

He said is the country’s poor votes against high taxes, expensive food and high crime, “the Government lost.”

But Medina supporter Francisco Cardenas says more than an electoral campaign, his candidate has “built a dream.”

“Medina has his wife three daughters and has a woman as his ticket mate (Margarita Cedeño), Dominican women see that and inspires then to dream,” said Cardenas, a PLD member since 1982. “I think Medina will win with 53 or 54 percent.”

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