Local May 21, 2012 | 12:48 pm

President elect calls ex rival a worthy opponent

Santo Domingo.- Presumptive president elect Danilo Medina said he wants to restore the friendship he affirms having with defeated rival Hipolito Mejía and his family, calling him a worthy opponent.

In Monday’s celebration speech at ruling PLD party headquarters, Medina said Mejía should feel good because the process confirmed his national leadership and stressed his respect.

He thanked the allied parties, his ticket mate Margarita Cedeño and the Dominican people, pledging to will work so that the wealth he affirms the PLD has created in the last few years can reach the population.

He said he’ll work to boost foreign investment and to support the productive sectors including farming, tourism, free zones and small and medians companies, with a pact to expand the internal market.

Medina said he’ll work to establish a free trade pact with Haiti, which he called Dominican Republic’s top trading partner. He said he’ll also work for the children, youngsters and women, without who his win wouldn’t have been possible.

Noting the searing sun, Medina concluded his speech. ”This sun has new batteries, there’ll be plenty of time to continue speaking.”

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