Local May 22, 2012 | 11:21 am

It’s time the president elect starts keeping campaign promises

Santo Domingo.- The Justice and Transparency Foundation (FJT) expects president elect Danilo Medina to keep his campaign promises in his program for government, but called on the opposition to be firm and critical, to in their view bolster Dominican democracy.

FJT president Trajano Potentini said once in office the new President must allocate the necessary funds for 4% of the GDP for education and fight government corruption.

It demands that Medina prevent the Dominican State from continuing to be the booty of war at the mercy of the winners after an electoral process.

The FJT also calls on the opposition parties to accept the ballots’ results favoring the PLD’s party candidate.

Potentini said the a consensus to approve a Political Parties Law are urgent to guarantee a greater democracy, institutionalism and respect the popular will, adding that the Dominican electoral-political model is widely exhausted.

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