Local May 22, 2012 | 7:34 am

President elect reaches out to defeated rival

Santo Domingo.- After his electoral win Danilo Medina’s main goal is a wide reaching pact with Dominican Republic’s opposition party, PRD, for which he invited its defeated ex candidate Hipólito Mejía to work together and solve the problems which all sectors must deal with to reach progress, development and the nation’s transformation.

The president elect said his proposal implies a commitment to support education, tourism, an integral tax reform and the electrical sector, as well as attract foreign investment and support the productive sectors such as agro, free zones, industries and small and medium companies, with whom he’ll seek a pact to expand the internal market.

He reiterated that he’ll also seek for a free trace pact with Haiti, the country’s top trade partner.

In his first statements as president elect before thousands of members of the ruling PLD party, Medina reiterated his campaign promises to benefit youngsters, women, children and the elderly through projects which reach those sectors directly. “I want well trained; educated young people, but at the same time know that the sacrifice to educate has a reward, because there’s a Government which can guarantee a place in the economy because I don’t want to see diplomas and in the street.”

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