Local May 24, 2012 | 11:33 am

Roundtable of Commonwealth Nations to host seminar “Business with Malaysia”

Santo Domingo.- The Round Table of Commonwealth Nations in the Dominican Republic will host a seminar on how do business with Malaysia, with the support of the Chambers of Commerce of the Commonwealth in Dominican Republic.

The event aims to showcase the opportunities in Malaysia, an industrialized member of the Commonwealth whose 29 million people pose an economic potential for Dominican Republic in trade, exports, imports and investment in general.

Among Malaysia’s US$224.0 billion in exports figure electronic products, machinery, liquefied natural gas, crude and derivatives and telecomm equipment, compared with imports of US$185.2 billion in mostly merchandise such as electronics, machinery, and machinery spares.

Malaysia Trade (MATRADE) Caribbean region Director Jonathan Rao will discuss “Asia as a Partner in Trade” in the seminar starting 8:30am Tuesday, June 12, in the auditorium of the Dominican Republic Industries Association (AIRD) on Sarasota with Lincoln avenues.

Roundtable president Fernando González Nicolas said the seminar, with panelists from the free zones, industry, exporters, importers and business in general, will help Dominicans export local products and identify the raw materials for Dominican industries under the most competitive conditions.

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