Local May 25, 2012 | 10:20 am

Justice chief’s moot resignation averts being “petrified” in post

Santo Domingo.- Justice minister Radhamés Jiménez Thursday said he submitted his resignation effective August 16 on “a particular and very personal” decision, but noted that officials shouldn’t become “petrified” in their posts.

His resignation nonetheless is a moot measure since the Decree which designated him expires the same day president Leonel Fernandez leaves office, precisely on August 16.

He said president elect Danilo Medina shouldn’t be forced into a straightjacket on making the cabinet changes he deems necessary, noting that after Sunday’s elections the country expects new officials to serve in his administration.

Interviewed in his office by El Caribe, Jiménez added that there are “companions with as many or more merits than I” in the ruling PLD party.

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