Local May 28, 2012 | 2:50 pm

Now everyone seeks Medina, spokesman says

Santo Domingo.- President elect Danilo Medina spokesmen Roberto Rodriguez Monday affirmed there are sectors who want to beat him at “wrist wrestling” during the transition period and ignore his convincing electoral win in the process.

He said even before the president elect begins to govern, those sectors voice gloom among the Dominican people with their apocalyptic vision. “It now seems that the PRD by losing the elections, won them, for PRD opinion-makers, according to their interpretations, with the interest of downplaying Danilo’s resonant victory.”

Interviewed on Teleradio America, Rodriguez revealed that both sectors within the opposition PRD party –one headed by Miguel Vargas and the other by Hipólito Mejía- press to meet with Medina, but noted that an agenda cannot be imposed on a president elect, when he must deal with important challenges to develop the country.

He cautioned that Medina can’t provide government jobs for everyone who wishes, especially after complaints of ballooned official payrolls. “Not everyone will be able to go to the government and they must be reasonable, because of what they criticize us as a State is of having a supernumerary payroll.”

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