Local May 29, 2012 | 11:30 am

Calls for opposition party president’s resignation spread

Santo Domingo.- Calls for Miguel Vargas to resign as president of Dominican Republic’s main opposition PRD party spread across the country, where some of its leaders call his ouster “imminent.”

PRD Farming Front president Leonardo Faña said the resignation is urgently needed to allow another companion with true dedication to lead the organization and warned that if Vargas doesn’t resign voluntarily the PRD leadership should immediately advance the National Convention now set for 2013.

Speaking with the press at PRD headquarters, Faña said with Varga’s support the government was able to get a President elect who’ll only make a difficult situation worse.

In the interior

PRD leaders in the community Cevicos, in central Sanchez Ramirez province also demand Vargas’ resignation, for which local representative Flavio Rondón asked that the party immediately starts the process to expel him and his closest collaborators.

“The leadership in Cevicos unanimously requests the purge of the evil within the PRD once and for all,” Rondón said.

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