Local May 29, 2012 | 12:18 pm

Shooter in ritzy mall killing reportedly wanted in Spain

Santo Domingo.- The man who yesterday shot six times and killed his friend in the food court of the ritzy Bella Vista Mall is reportedly wanted in Spain, where he fled after being sentenced to five years in prison for the attempted murder of a countryman.

Quoting a source listin.com.do reports that Luis Rafael Diaz Morla fled from Spain around six months before prior to starting to serve his prison sentence for the homicide in Barcelona, where he allegedly conducted illicit businesses, according to the same source.

Diaz’s victim in Spain, identified only “Moreno” is a native of Sainaguá, San Cristóbal, juts like his aggressor, whom the source affirms had also been deported from the United States on unspecified charges.

Mall announces tighter security

Bella Vista Mall administrator Carlos Sanchez Tuesday morning announced heightened security in the famous shopping center, including more surveillance cameras, but noted that those incidents are difficult to deal with. “Its difficult to prevent this type of incident.”

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