Local June 1, 2012 | 8:01 am

Opposition party leaders meet today amid looming chasm

Santo Domingo.- Friday afternoon’s meeting of the opposition PRD party’s Political Commission could stoke its crisis, while several leaders yesterday urged former president Hipolito Mejia and party president Miguel Vargas to pave the way for a dialogue to solve their differences so the two sectors can remain united.

In a press conference yesterday attorney and arbitrator Nelson Espinal said the main objective of both should be to “preserve and strengthen the PRD as the main instrument of democracy, economy, job creation and domestic production."

Espinal mediated the dialogue between the two leaders led by ex Panama president Martin Torrijos, after the crisis which arose after the convention of March 6, 2011, in which Mejia was elected presidential candidate of the PRD, but Vargas challenged the results of the primaries.

"To table a dialogue doesn’t imply the recognition of errors, practices, speeches and misconduct, and reward those who leave their party to support the opposing organization," Espinal said.

The PRD Political Committee will meet 4pm, amid calls by leaders who demand Vargas’ ouster after the party’s defeat on May 20.

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