Local June 4, 2012 | 7:23 am

Swapped ousters formalize split in biggest opposition party

Santo Domingo.- The two factions in Dominican Republic’s biggest opposition party (PRD) have traded expulsions since Friday when its Political Commission headed by ex president Hipolito Mejia ousted its president Miguel Vargas, who countered in the National Executive Committee’s (CEN) meeting Sunday, quashing the decision and also suspending several leaders of the former group.

The CEN dismissed Andres Bautista, named president of the PRD by the Political Commission on Friday, and submitted him to the Supervisory Discipline Board together with Mejía, general secretary Orlando Jorge and organizational secretary Geanilda Vasquez.

The assembly adopted nine resolutions, with the assistance of 1,356 members (68%) of its 2,307 members, said Vargas supporters.

The CEN also reverted as inadmissible the suspensions and expulsions announced in provincial and municipal committees nationwide.

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