Local June 5, 2012 | 3:41 pm

Few members of the City councils submit financial statements

Santo Domingo.- The head of the country’s City council members grouped in ASODORES revealed Tuesday that 90% of the mayors and councilmembers has yet to submit their financial statement.

Julian Roa called the situation a lack of transparency, “because every citizen has the right to know what the assets of each representative are, how much they had when they entered and when they went out.”

"The Dominican Federation of Councilmembers will work so that each councilmember of any municipality submits their financial statement and so the councils become a showcase for the citizens," the official said, adding that their lack on knowledge on municipal legislation is cause for concern.

"The councilperson knows little of the law, ASODORES has been doing a great job, but not enough, we try to get the boards of councilmembers to correctly enforce the law, not only municipal law, but the sector laws involved in the scope of local actions, and laws that deal with governance in local governments," Roa said.

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