Local June 5, 2012 | 1:51 pm

President elect says he’s ready to lead, regardless of global crisis

SANTO DOMINGO.- President elect Danilo Medina on Tuesday affirmed he’s prepared to govern Dominican Republic regardless of the global economic crisis.

"The bad times don’t scare me, the bad times the world is living in… I prepared myself to rule the Dominican Republic," Medina said in the presentation of the Central Electoral Board’s certification as president.

He said the Dominican people will come out unscathed from the country’s economic, social and other problems, pledged to serve the country and thanked president Leonel Fernandez for his support.

Medina’s speech drew tears from the first lady and vice president elect Margarita Cedeño.

The Board also presented certificates to the new Deputies abroad Jose Ernesto Morel, Ruben Dario Luna, Alfredo Rodriguez, Antonio Azcona, in U.S. district 1, Levy Suriel Gomez, Adelis de Jesus of U.S. district 2, and Marcos Cross and Aurelio A. Mercedes, of district 3, Europe.

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