Local June 11, 2012 | 7:51 am

Opposition party faction defies the Electoral court

SANTO DOMINGO.- A faction of the senior leaders of Dominican Republic’s opposition party grouped in (CEN) yesterday unanimously upheld Miguel Vargas’ suspension as the organization’s president, and tapped Andres Bautista instead.

The measures come despite the ruling by the Superior Tribunal Court that the CEN meeting had to be suspended.

The CEN faction headed by ex president Hipolito Mejia, with 2,006 members, or 60 percent, also confirmed the suspension of Vargas’ close supporters July Mariñez and Anibal Garcia and the expulsion other leaders of the faction for allegedly violating party statutes, including the deputy Victor Gomez Casanova, Khalil Michel, Annie Felipe, among others.

Mejia said the PRD’s commitment to society is to fight for freedom. "And that’s not negotiated with anyone. So if someone wants to do that, they’ll have us to deal with."

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