Local June 12, 2012 | 9:53 am

Opposition party to “shrivel up and die,” DT poll

Santo Domingo.- More than half of DT readers see sweeping changes looming for the opposition PRD party in the heels of a narrow loss in the May 20 elections and stoked by the intense inner struggle for its leadership waged by ex candidate Hipolito Mejia and organization president Miguel Vargas.

To the question “What will happen to the PRD party?” 1,749 readers or 51.46%, said “It will shrivel up and die,” followed by “Should grow after the crisis,” with 1,097 votes, or 32.27%.

In a distant third place was the response “It will split into two factions,” with 293 votes, for 8.62%, while the option “Remain the same,” drew 260 Votes, or 7.65% of the readers who took part in DT’s unscientific weekly poll.

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