Local June 13, 2012 | 3:43 pm

Lake Enriquillo’s waters still unchecked, could swamp more roads

Duvergé, Dominican Republic.- Lake Enriquillo’s encroachment continues unchecked and now threatens to engulf part of the lakeside road at the community Las Baitoas, southwestern Independencia province.

Residents fear waking with the water to their necks one day, which for them could mean the end of their lives and livelihood.

Community activist Andrés Pérez is no stranger to the struggles of his native province, and warns the authorities to solve the situation once and for all to halt the Lake’s advancing waters.

He said only two of the lake’s original three islands remain from the flooding, after one was submerged under water. "It’s really amazing what’s happening as Lake Enriquillo’s waters are now one meter from the road which crosses Las Baitoas to Jimaní. We thought this thing wouldn’t happen, but we already have the water almost in the town and in Boca de Cachon."

Perez said a section of the road needs to be rebuilt a few hundred meters toward the foothills to allow vehicle traffic. "If a new road isn’t built at the foot of the mountain in time, we will have go around to Neiba to reach Jimaní and Haiti," a detour of at least 100 kilometers.

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