Local June 14, 2012 | 11:26 am

As Dominicans run more red lights, top traffic cop asks Congress’ help

Santo Domingo.- Metropolitan Transport Authority (AMET) director Jose Sanz Jiminian said thus far this year its agents have slapped more than 700,000 fines on motorists and impounded around 700 vehicles.

The announcement comes in the heels of mounting traffic accidents blamed mostly on motorists who run the red light.

The official said the vehicles of motorists stopped for running a red light and other serious moving violations are towed to the old dog track Canodromo, on the Monumental highway.

He said however that Traffic Law 241 is obsolete and should be amended to include penalties for public vehicle drivers who don’t use seat belts, as all other drivers are obliged to do.

Sanz went to Congress and met with the Chamber of Deputies Transit Commission to request Law 241’s amendment.

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