Local June 15, 2012 | 12:42 pm

Love triangle led to ex DEA agent’s murder, 3 arrests

Santiago.- Police investigators arrested three people wanted in the death of former US Drug Enforcement Administration agent, the Dominican-American Juan D. (Jimmy) Valerio Pichardo, 65, found strangled in his home last week.

The police said Steven Fernandez, 22, planned the crime together with Juany Montan, 21, and confessed to killing Valerio, who allegedly formed part of a love triangle with the two. Jose Luis Martinez, 20 was also charged in the murder

Acting on an arrest warrant, investigators seized Honda Accord, TVs and other belongings of the victim, whose body was found in his apartment of the sector Los Colegios.

Valerio was also a member of the Natinoal Investigations Dept. (DNI) in Dominican Republic.

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