Local June 15, 2012 | 9:58 am

Searing heat, lack of water sparks protests in northern province

Moca, Dominican Republic.- Amid the searing heat scorching northern Espaillat province in recent weeks, community groups on Thursday began a series of often violent protests to demand that the aqueduct and sewage utility (CORAAMOCA) supply water, unleashing clashes between demonstrators and National Police agents.

The protesters blocked roads, bridges, roads, and country lanes with torched tires, tree trunks and branches, broken bottles and other debris in the villages Ortega, El Higüerito, Reparadero, Tierra Dura and Guazuma, located in the northern part of Moca.

Police agents were sent to the areas where strikes are taking place, as the organizers warn that until CORAAMOCA resolves the situation the protests will continue indefinitely.

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